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ZE palmarès


Le palmarès a été dévoilé samedi soir devant une salle archi-comble et une kyrielle de caméramen qui enregistre tout ce qui se passe au cours du festival. Le jury délibérait en chinois, avec recours aux traducteurs lorsque les débats s'intensifiaient. Composé de 3 membres, le jury a récompensé 3 films : c'était convenu. Le plus difficile a été pour eux de déterminer qui allait remporter le premier prix, le second et le troisième. Il s'agit de prix d'encouragement, dont le premier est doté de 5000 yuans (disons 500 euros). Voici le palmarès et les commentaires du jury, en mandarin (pour ceux qui le lisent ; pour les autres, c'est tellement beau graphiquement) et en anglais.



We congratulate Zhao Liang’s Petition: a moving, provocative, and brave film. It provides a searching and compassionate record of the details of its subjects, these petitioners’ devastated lives, and links that to a broader political context that makes the urgency of their situation clear.






A very interesting film, sure to elicit tears. This film depicts the nature of life. While similar subjects can be found in European cinema, those films cannot surpass the convincing power of Classmates.

We feel the dignity of every character. Their open and honest attitude in front of the camera is very touching. We understand all that the director wants to express in the film from the images of the janitor. We feel the affection for friends, which the director represses with great effort, though all the while he wants to yell it out loud. The unpredictability of love and life, the happiness of living together on this land of China, these all burst forth in the last shot of the janitor.

As the director approaches 50 and reaches the golden years of his life, this work expresses his emotions upon meeting friends of the same age at the apex of the mountain road of life, and his feelings in the face of crisis as he begins his descent down the other side.



《掩埋》  授奖辞

The Chinese people’s most painful wound has its origin in something very simple: political rule is valued over people’s lives. Buried goes straight for China’s jugular by precisely, powerfully and concretely taking aim at this problem. I believe that films like this will eventually change society.

Ce dernier film est vraiment très bien ! Dans 12 heures, je rédiger mes dernières notes : elles seront longues et illustrées !

A bientôt,


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